Desktop Apps are common around the world, as they are considered the base of programming used long time ago and still used till today. Companies used to use Desktop apps as there is no need for internet connection and could be run offline, secured, fast data access, independent of web browser and efficient. These reasons make Desktop apps more popular among businesses.

Smart Dimensions provide Desktop application development services for the needs of client & can be integrated with web technologies, Microsoft, OS, our Apps are open for upgrading from time-to-time and provide efficient data security and protection against unauthorized access.

Smart Dimensions uses last technology trends: C++ & .NET to create a user friendly Desktop Apps tailored to clients’ needs & we also provide: Desktop software for business, various utilities for software, Custom application for client servers & Graphic processing applications.


What we guarantee

  1. User friendly desktop Apps with low & exclusive prices tailored to your budget.
  2. High Quality and free of programing errors.
  3. Fast & Secure data access and your app will be protected against any unauthorized access.
  4. Training to know how to use the App.
  5. Continuous technical support to solve any issues.
  6. Upgrade your apps to add any future features you may would to add later.