If you have an idea or commercial business and you want to market them in a new and creative way, we can tell you that you need an attractive advertising video to serve your idea, to increase your fans or followers and to present your company in a professional way to your customers.

Why the commercial or advertising video is very important for you?

  1. Increase consumer awareness about the product by 75%.
  2. Every 7 of 10 who are watching the video will create positive thoughts about your business & brand.
  3. 85% of the consumers prefer to get announced service or buy the announced products after watching a video, so you converted a viewer to a buyer and win a new customer.
  4. Posting a commercial video will increase your chance to be reached on search engines because a successful video will get a lot of viewers.

Smart Dimensions has a creative team will help you to convert your vision and imagination to a creative video presenting your company business in a professional way. We will make a commercial video for you to advertise your products, services and business through all social media channels & we provide montage services, promos and short videos with high quality and best prices.